Dawn Martin


Subject: Thanks for introducing me to Michele Moerth-Cross!

Hi Steve -

Thanks again for brining Michele Moerth-Cross to the health fair last year.  I happened to try out her gyrotonic machine and I felt energized for hours after just trying out a few of the movement and speaking with her about what it all was about.  I knew I needed to get my act together and get exercising and decided I’d finally be brave and give her a try.


I’ve been going to see her every Saturday at her house since for Physiorhythmic RMBR & Gyrotonic and it seriously changed my life.  I walk out every Saturday feeling lighter, being able to move, and feeling a sense of peace.  It’s amazing what she can do! 


I’ve just started meeting with her now also for CentralCore Pilates so I can gain more strength and again, amazing.  How could it not be?


She’s so positive and helpful and it certainly helped me with my stress during the hack months.  Being able to gather energy, meditate, gain strength and flow through the movements is so great it’s unexplainable for me.


I’m not sure what I would have been like w/out it.  Probably much more cranky and tired ;-)


So, thank you for bringing her into my life.  I certainly would never have tried this if it weren’t for you and the Sony fair!


Dawn Martin

Sr. Business Analyst, Sony Pictures Television

Audrey Cosenza

Santa Monica,CA

I met Michele at a time in my life when I needed to heal from prior injuries, and standard physical therapy treatments were limiting in what they could offer me.

My back and knee were often tight, stiff and painful. The toes on my injured leg had curled up a bit as well. 

My physical activity had been limited due to low energy and lack of stamina. 

Exercise has always helped me get back into focus. it is an important part of my life that I enjoyed I had heard about the Gyrotonic machine for rehabilitating from injuries and liked that it helped in gently stretching  the muscles of the body.  I found its workout movements incorporated elements of dancing and yoga to me. My training sessions with Michele on the machine are very energizing. But she does more than a workout.   

Her PHYSIORHYTHMIC sessions incorporate rhythm, movement and breath release bodywork. I've been able to focus opening up blocked areas in turn facilitating the flow of energy and movement.   It is very rejuvenating.  I have not experienced this in other work outs.  I feel more physically lighter and yet grounded after a session.  

Michele has a natural ability to heal others. She is very insightful from her years of experience and training.  I have gained a cognitive awareness of my muscle tension and how it affected not only my posture, but also reduced the energetic flow in my body which was causing stagnation. Michele's work  has helped me make that shift to become more toned and leaner. I have better circulation which shows In color of my skin tone. My toes are no longer curled up. I have reduced the amount of stiffness and pain in my body and increased the amount of flexibility, strength and stamina. 

My sessions with Michele are extremely valuable to me. They help me restore the vitality to my body.  I have been able to go deeper into my own healing from her help.

Ginger Grantham

Culver City,CA

I had the great luck to train with Michele Moerth-Cross in Vienna, Austria 18 years ago at her Physiorhythmic® Institute.  

I came to her after one of my failed attempts to lose weight training at the gym.  Weight loss was the purpose that I had in mind.  What I got from training on the Gyrotonic movement system,Kinesiology and  Physiorhythmic® RMBR release work with Michele was so much more than that.  My body became lither as I experienced a transformation in my thinking that allowed me to release the weight I'd carried since I was a teen.  It happened quickly and I returned to the U.S. with new posture and ways of thinking.  

I attribute my success to the integration of modalities and my working in a deep, energetic, holistic, unconditionally loving way.  I learned about my physiology and my energy body, and I learned another perspective and healthier thoughts to perpetuate.  With all there was to see and learn in Vienna and throughout Europe, it was what I learned going within, with Michele’s guidance, that allowed me to become more comfortable in my body and to create a future-present that is now much more fortunate and beautiful than my past had been.  The release of weight coincided with the release of old negative patterns.

This year I had the need to again work from this inside-out approach.  I thought I might go to Europe -- I googled Michele -- and saw that she was back in in Los Angeles…  I’m delighted to be working with her again after 12 years.  I love the vigorous and restorative workouts.  She is as much a healer as a trainer, her release work keeps evolving so each workout is also educational.   To my friends and family who've remarked on the changes to my look and body, I always say that it's even more amazing how much I've learned.  The studio environment that she has designed is something that just must be experienced.  Out of all the gyms, classes, spas and studios I’ve been to in the world Michele’s Healing Mountain Studio is the absolute best I've found, twice.

Thilo Hilmstedt



I came to Michele with a swollen knee, which hindered me a lot. What was surprising to me, that Michele didn’t really work with my handicap but instantly proceeded with my chest in order to detect here my blockages on a quite deep level. My knee healed much better after.

For me as a professional singer this means a lot: the dynamic in the upper body improved which eases my voice. She gave me everything so that I can dissolve it on my own. 

This has been very personal work for me, really individualized and inspiring, a great support personally and professionally.

Katherine S.

Los Angeles, CA

I highly recommend Gyrotonic's with Michele.  First and foremost, Michele is incredibly knowledgeable and professional.  After 2 c-sections, I was experiencing severe back pain.  The pain was greatly affecting my life with my children and husband. I was told by medical professionals that I should not pick up my 2 year old son, and if I continued, I would should not pick up my 2 year old son, and if I continued, I would cause severe damage to my back.  I have always been athletic and I hike often.  I go for walks every day with my 2 year old on my back, so this news was not only devastating, buy unacceptable.  I asked Michele if she thought she could help.  Unequivocally, she responded "YES!"  I must admit, that I had my doubts, but I decided to begin my training with her.   Within one month, of PHYSIORHYTHMIC RBMR and Gyrotonic exercises the back back pain is completely gone.  I am back to picking my son and 5 year old daughter up without experience any kind of discomfort.  I am so absolutely grateful to Michele for changing my future.  I cannot recommend her enough.  Michele's studio is relaxing, with beautiful music, calming scents, and privacy.  She is knowledgeable, professional, reliable, inspirational, and most of all, able to determine what your body and minds needs.  I hope you get a chance to work with her.

Carol Tull


What a wonderful find!  Michele is an amazing instructor.  She is so warm and caring, but always professional.  She is truly knowledgeable about the human body and how it works.  She has helped me to find strength and flexibility that I didn't know existed.  She heals the mind, body and spirit. Her studio is very welcoming and comfortable, stress melts away in this environment. I always feel revitalized after my visits and highly recommend this studio to anyone looking to look and feel great!

Sarah Mottram      

Physiotherapist  &  Founder of KCInternational                                                                                      


Michele is an amazing Gyrotonic trainer. Physiorhythmic InstiTunes U is a beautiful studio and I have loved the sessions I have had - it is a fabulous system of movement - both for the mind and body. Michele’s focus, patience and talent has given me the ability to begin to find a “connected body” and enjoying the challenge it brings.

Ella Barnes                                                                                                                                                                                                U.K.

I still remember the day in March when I came to Michele for a private lesson. We had been working on my tense shoulders/back are and she helped me to concentrate my focus on this during the session, it was one of the most amazing and intense sensations I have ever experienced.

I had seen colors before while doing some of the PHYSIORHYTHMIC RMBR work and exercises in combination with the release work especially during arch and curls on the Pulley Tower but the vivid bright green that swept through my head was incredible. It felt like laser treatment! Truly the body and mind are linked and it was the first time I had personally and consciously become aware of this fact.                                                                                                                                                                 PHYSIORHYTHMIC® Institute and Michele’s release method , the exercise methods and especially, you , Michele have therefore had one of the most significant impacts on my life.You had provided the gateway for me to see me! For this I feel grateful that our paths crossed this year.

Michael M.                                                                                                                                                                                                 NY,NY                                                                                                                                                                         

I enjoyed working with Michele and think her studio is great. I’ll come back.