Bodywork into Movement


Bridging Bodywork into Movement©

PHYSIORHYTHMIC ® RMBR release work is based on the principal of releasing stagnations within the body to enable a more balanced structure and circulation. 

This technique combines physical movement in combination with specific manual touch to address and release stored stagnations/cellular trauma and activate greater kinetic energy circulation. During the session the client is proactive in his/her own healing process through their participation physically and mentally. This heightens ones awareness of their own unhealthy unconscious movement patterns and teaches a re-patterning towards more authentic natural movement. 

Performed on the OrigaMi® combination unit or a massage table and the ElementS® wall unit.

This work is an excellent learning tool and preparation to understand ones own movement patterns and to self correct bad habits during exercising and sport.

Good for all ages, as well as professional trainers and practitioners within the health industry for their self care!

Often incorporated is the analysis method of  Basic Body Mapping© - 

“Exploring the source of lack of circulation within the body. “

Basic Body Mapping©  takes note of blockages and “mirrors” within the body to source the origin of a misbalance . It avoids working only on the reaction to a blockage caused by injury or miss-alignment which is often overlooked in traditional treatments and rehab.

Placing ones hand at the feet to feel the patterns of dissections throughout the movers body during movement, while at the same time observing the skeletal system, surrounding muscles, fascia, and tissue reaction, helps locate where decreased circulation is present and movement dissections occure.                 

Using a special Body Mapping© sheet to draw in your pre condition and your post results. 

Client and practitioner map out individually.

Introductory session $ 75

One on one  $ 100-150