ETAScan was first launched in Europe in 2002. An ever increasing number of doctors, naturopaths, scientists and other members of both the orthodox and alternative health community, as well as ordinary people, are now enthusiastically using this extraordinarily beneficial, state-of-the-art diagnostic technology.

The ETAScan reads frequencies throughout the human body, and  provides an analysis of organs, tissues, systems, and cells. It can assist with evaluation and diagnosing conditions whether symptoms are present or not.

ETAScan also causes frequencies to be emitted to help balance the body systemically. Healthcare practitioners around the world use ETAScan not only to diagnose, but also to treat patients.

ETAScan is the first technology to present the world market with the most balanced control information. The fundamental hypothesis in the development of this equipment was that the human body has an electromagnetic information framework, which is able to respond to bio resonating fields emitted  from an external source.


Bioenergetic analysis introduces a world of new possibilities such as the detection and examinations of tissue imbalance and the cause of such imbalances.

How does it work?

By way of an in-built biosensor in the headset and a smart box, the frequency of the body is scanned, compares the data with a calculated optimum, before displaying the deviation, location and intensity.

Energetic balance and imbalance is at last made visible

ETAScan examines the body frequency structures, identifies imbalance and indicates where problems reside.

ETAScan signalizes deviations from a calculated norm; examines veins, arteries, organs, blood, tissues, the lymph and all other systems, even the cells and chromosomes.

ETAScan assists in diagnosis, to test tolerance as in Kinesiology, to test allergies etc.

ETAScan makes visible the effectiveness and compatibility of information of drugs, food, nutritional supplements, physical exercise methods and sports. 

It also identifies environmental pollutants such as toxins, electro smog, mobile phones, emotions, thoughts and other sources of imbalance / damage to the human system.

Initial Analysis  $ 200

Analysis with balancing $ 350

Re-analysis  $ 100