About our Classes

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Connecting fitness with conscious healing

Healing modalities such as Kinesiology, Reiki and PHYSIORHYTHMIC® RMBR are performed directly, on a one to one basis, at our private studio in Sherman Oaks, CA.

We offer a vast array of different movement practices and treatments including, but not limited to, our equipment classes of CentralCore™ Pilates, Gyrotonic Expansion System and inter-connective resistance training on the ElementS™ wall unit.

How does the training work?

We train privately on sight or through private coaching sessions online.

Currently for online coaching the client will need access to Facetime or Skype.

Pilates reformer or GYROTONIC Pulley Tower, mat, and a chair is needed for equipment online classes.

For online mat classes a yoga mat will do

30 min, 55 min, 90 min  sessions

Please visit our Training Modalities page / CentralCore Pilates for more information.


Return / Refund Policy 

* All sales are final. No exchanges, no refunds, no credits, no exceptions.

Late Cancellations/ No-Shows FEES

* ALL appointments/classes/sessions have a 24-hour cancellation policy.

What is currently in production

We are currently working on providing our clients various group classes for online training, which connects our community members, at the same time to motivate each other. In each online private sessions we are able to help you personalize your work-out. 

Physical awareness and greater health is a lifestyle, and it's one we’d like to help you achieve.