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Bridging Bodywork into Movement©

It is not the source itself but the “in betweens” that are often overlooked

PHYSIORHYTHMIC® RMBR release ( Awareness Training ) and Central Core Coaching™ teaches a deeper understanding not only of ones physical body but the complete person.                                                                                   PHYSIORHYTHMIC® Institute was founded in Vienna, Austria, in 1999, by Michele Cross. She has been successfully teaching and researching physical movement for over 19 years within Europe and the United States.

Michele Cross opened her first U.S. studio PHYSIORHYTHMIC® Institute CA in June 2010, the main Teacher Training Headquarters of the PHYSIORHYTHMIC® RMBR method.

Today the studio focuses on workshops taught all around the world for a deeper understanding of kinetic energy in sports and various movement systems. Our team researches and teaches the studies of the central core of the physical body and its importance within kinetic energy circulation within physical training. 

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